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Effective Email Marketing

Reach your customers and contacts with ease in a fashion that they deserve.  Email marketing may be very useful for a presentation of your sale event, news & information, special promotion, announcement and so much more.


Colorful Custom Designs

Email Scheduled and Timed Including Date and Time

Small and Bulk Emailing Available- En Masse!

Affordably Priced


Email Marketing through Marcia Horne, Marketing Consulting can be extremely inexpensive if

you have available the following file format:














If you don't have available the above format I may be able to migrate your current list quickly and efficiently to a file format that will suit my application.

Otherwise the process of inserting each and every name must be done by hand and, as such, may be cumbersome and due to cost not within reach.


As a fee for this service I am charging my standard rate of $25 per hour.  Setup for an initial mailing with a compatible list format might add $25-$75 or more to the total cost.


Otherwise, charges are likely to be simply $25, one hour's work.


Email contacts may include business and personal email addresses from Yahoo, Gmail, etc.


Please feel free to contact me if I you have any questions.  I can be reached at 802-487-4508 or by email at

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